Sunday, February 27, 2011


digital photo


The Spiritual Hobo said...

I am a hobo and I was just passing through. I like your site, so now I’m following you.
Signed, hobo

jbkrost said...

apperciate you stopping by...
it appears that this blog has been abandon and is dead....
this will probably be my last post on this site...
enjoy your journey

NightlySun said...

That's cool! Yeah! :)

Vapir no2 said...

Great photo

arizer solo said...

Crazy shot, I love the black and white.

BragonDorn said...

Very cool stuff. Kinda creepy tho :P

Eva said...

It feels like a view from a passing train with the ghostly white shapes floating by.Interesting......

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Jay M said...

ok_bright back at Blue

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