Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Always Snowing in Philidelphia

I’m sentimental against my will. I save text messages. I have to force myself to delete them because I have an old lady phone that doesn’t hold many of them.

I like my old lady phone. I like busting it out when guys at bars ask for my number and I feel ambivalent enough to say yes. They look shocked. They think you have to be crazy to have an old lady phone or otherwise illegally unhip. I hesitate to inform them that I’m crazy and illegally unhip. They usually call anyway and I don’t pick up my old lady phone. 

The last text message I sent to Philadelphia said “We forgot to use the handcuffs.”

I wonder how cold it is in London. It should snow. It has to snow. It’s cold enough. 


gerry boyd said...

splendid writing. compelling and quizzical. immediate and mysterious.

Hannah Miet said...

Thank you, Gerry! I dug this one out of the black hole that is my saved documents folder.