Wednesday, August 18, 2010

we live in the subway...

by human being

illustrations by rhoda penmarq

we live in the subway
at different stations
no one ever leaves here
we just live our life!

sisyphus rolls his boulder
from one station to the other
nobody gives him a hand
no one has got a hand in this land

we do not shake hands here
we just shake our heads as we walk
thoughts can't climb the stairs
dialogs are run over by trains

we all run
to take a trip
to take a sit
to take a nap

to dream of the land above
that we are not allowed to visit
they are busy there
they are busy cleaning the land from bodies and trees

they want the land bodiless
they want the land treeless
they say bodies and trees make it priceless
and they laugh

no one cares about the meaning of words in this land
we just hear the words
we hear them laughing
we hear them cleaning the land

we hear the bodies and the trees that are cleaned
the subway is full of voices and sounds
but nobody listens
joshua bell's violin is begging for hearing ears

nobody lends him even a pierced ear
no one has got an ear in this land
fear has got the upper hand
courage is lost in the maze of knowledge

minds do not find each other
they masturbate in their interior monologs
poetry is raped by busy nets
stories are stillborn

we live in the subway
at different stations
no one ever leaves here
we just live our life

............................................ like a dry leaf in the wind


EMCEEPT said...

very fine
the last line hits hard !

Francis Scudellari said...

Both the words and images are truly striking. This collaboration is getting better with each piece. I can't wait to see what comes next.

rhoda said...

emceept and francis, thank you both very much.

human being said...

EMCEEPT... glad to hear that!
thanks for reading and commenting dear friend...

Francis... thanks a lot for encouraging words... the illustrated version is so thrilling to me... as i regard it as a dialog... and i find answers to what i'd written...

sharing is so magical... like the growth of a plant...