Friday, December 17, 2010

Ashes To Ashes

"Maybe when a kids screaming, they're just the only one allowed to speak their mind."

Born of a mind
To take down the world
As long as my dogs in the fight
I wiped every tear
And  patched every hole in sight

I didn't need........ a flag or a name
Pieces of  pleasure
Or beautiful things
All those shadows
Just abstracts and
Art in my eyes

The long nights of living
In places where knowledge
Could kill time
Put me straight in the arms of
Souls just as hungry for dreams

And wouldn't you know
That the love and the wine
Brought fertile flowers
That  knew how to climb
To, honey
this future of
Your mama and me

Baby you're born
And daddy's too late
To dwell on things that might never change
So what
Maybe that worlds out of sight

I'm just a fool
Born in a small town
Shakin' off dust
For the future I'm bound
I 'spose
Rubbin my neck and my eyes

Still up in the sky
The future glows
From the pastures
Of of plenty
That everyone knows
Yeah, we're dust
But don't we look pretty tonight?


Peter Greene said...

Thanks, Andy. That was good.


Unknown said...

Thanks Peter... if I can call you that..
I've been enjoying your work.. and your contributions to this community.

Peter Greene said...

As long as you don't call me Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater - everything else is fine. I've enjoyed your stuff so far too, Andy (if I may also take the first-name privilege) - this Internet thingy is great or what, eh?

Unknown said...

You know Peter,
I told a friend a long time ago that I thought that one day somehow we would share to such a great extent in the virtual community that the old way of failing in the human comedy would die. Perhaps he simply disagreed with me, but in a way I still believe this. On this blog alone I have come to encounter more personalities from more places than I previously imagined as likely. It isn't an accident, but rather, I think, the simple math of the human heart, given a proper canvass... or "thingy", if you'd rather... to allow for some dreadfully earnest stuff to be as it should: sublime.
It's great and so are you.

Kass said...

I like how you've used dust to represent how we might shake off the essence of other people and the roots of our existence.

Sometimes looking pretty tonight is all we have.

Unknown said...

Thank you Kass,

You pretty much said it as I intended. Lookin' pretty surely is a basically universal desire (though it's a pleasure to me, being anything but symmetrical in my particular physical being, to see the evolutionary morphologists tripping over themselves to explain beauty.... and not doing a very good job. I guess like it was famously said by the Supreme Court about porn.... you just know it [beauty] when you see it.
And... the universe... dead eons.... and the future... despite their essential non-humanity (to a point) do look good with you and me.
Don't we?

Jeremy Blomberg said...

i really enjoyed the last two stanzas, very sad but uplifting view of beauty and life.

Unknown said...

Yeah Jeremy,

The cosmic can be a rabbithole.... like anything that takes the subject off of one's true credo and responsibility....but... suffering is it's own wonderland. Sometimes seeing where from we come.... even on the least human of terms... and to where we are bound, in timescales beyond our mind or culture... it is a chance for beauty, self love, and shame... in a sense toward reckoning itself. I appreciate your reading this.