Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sitting on the banks,
nay the frame of a river,
waiting for the dust to settle
on such a grievous and ill-mannered
alliterative appendix,
I once promised myself
I’d not give in
to the sorry belief in ghosts

But here they arise
wraiths out of the mist
with bowed buckled knees;
buried in the resting place
for remembered ribbons
Wearing wreaths to match
the twigs and leaves
caught in their long black robes

And gargle it goes
the sound of my voice as it tries
to make its way across the sands
to meet her

the strains of a
boy drowning in the river
cast there by those
who refused to acknowledge
the creases in his brow
Or the breadcrumbs
he had left in his wake
to lead him back to the very same spot
where his torment first began

And the queue refuses to move
Great mounds of dirt
collect on the toes,
wings and deck of the ship
Oh, how far the moon seems now.


Peter Greene said...

Hey, that was awesome. Really clear and striking pictures; really strong mood. I liked it quite a bit. Gargle-gargle-gulp, and I refer you also to this poem: The River.

It's my hometown warriors, NoMeansNo - I got to grow up in basically the best music scene in two hundred years. Too bad I can't carry a tune worth a damn, I have to just write and write - anyway -
these guys were and are (still playing) a big inspiration to me, from sixteen to today, at thirty-eight. Hope you enjoy - if unintelligible for you, I totally advise a lyrics sheet - it's a great poem and reminded me of yours here.
-later -

littlebitofsonshine said...

I can see threw the window you captured .I can feel the stillness and the gentle wind fell the chill from the land and the sadness the still lingers.bless you your words put to music,or i think i can.

Unknown said...

The Ghosts and the singing lines of all their intentions, despite their death. Are they still here for us to see? You would seem to see them...

Magnetic Island Artist Edward Blum. said...

I hope you post again so much of your blog is briliant. Greetings annd thank you for sharing from Australia.