Sunday, December 19, 2010


digital photo


Old 333 said...

Great shot. Thanks, jbk. The boards are birds too, in the reflected light for a moment.

Old 333 said...

Or are they all birds? My eyes are old and creaky.

Liza said...

Awesome shot,
thanks for sharing.
Looks like birds to me, but
Old 333's thought is great!

Andy Coffey said...

Beautiful shot. I like the artifacts of dim light. Like a poem where certainty is something less than the dominant value.

They look like beautiful birds... freedom in the erogeny of progress. Who knows? A flock of destructive freedom?

jbkrost said...

Old 333....
Thanks, Yes they are birds.. it was crazy cold, everyone(the birds and I) was trying to stay warm, I took a few of these, waiting for the wind to move around the plume till I got what I was looking for.

thanks, apperciate your comments, Old 333 and Andy Coffey has a way with words (go figure)

Thanks, Yeah I kind of figured "Industrial Birds", That would be a great name for a band, any way I apperciate your superior break down of the work.

Jeremy Blomberg (Sean Weathers) said...

wow, great shot. there are so many ways to describe this picture