Monday, July 12, 2010


presents a grave
the classic image


such as pyramid-mail
variation in the cube
consists of all three
pieces for access


(=- Pencil stone)

a bit 'curved
protruded above
Graves' low

A set of lies;
here is what I am!


The Scrybe said...

Hello there, my eyes continuously play with the order of your words.
For example they insist on reading the first stanza as:

The classic Snake
presents a particularly
grave image

I do hope you don't mind...

Jenny said...

Gamelan, a kind of Asian instrument, right? I think this poem is a suggestive beauty. It seems to be coiling and smoldering. Superb.

Anonymous said...

Great!Sensational... posts and blog. Greetings, J. Faller. PS.: Forgives me, my written English is very very poor. Have an excellent week!

Anonymous said...

This was very interesting. You are good as always. Not sure how you manage to be so prolific and write such good stuff. I don't think I could do that thing.