Sunday, July 25, 2010


Over the hill it comes
accompanied by
the familiar antagonist
Looming large
in thick
shadowed molasses


And so I sit
Face in knees
arms wrapped
solidly around
the splintered shins
of little me

and torn apart
Beneath great protector’s
fiery sack
of fortitude and strings

Who looking out,
with murmurs deep,
draws his arrow
feathered bow
and flies

Abroad horizons
and carefully loosened
cloudy skies
To strike it down

To. Strike. Him. Down.

Bringer of indelible dirt

Until the sky
is torn asunder
Until the ghoul
will not return


Akeith Walters said...

Kool poem

human being said...

hmmm... i liked this slow motion fall down the rabbit hole... i eat the goul... then he'll never come back...

Jenny said...

This is a really cool and powerful poem. The last two stanzas have a punching quality.

The Scrybe said...

Thanks guys; I'm no friend of that ghoul named Jealousy :)

human being said...

eating the ghoul is a psychological process... it helps one to know why he himself or others are jealous...

The Scrybe said...

Hmmm, it could be that this ghoul needs eating...

human being said...

if we do not eat it, it will eat us and all we know... and all we have....

i loved this poem because it was a beautiful first step toward eating the ghoul...

Zaina Anwar said...

The last two stanzas are potent enough to burst at any moment. I could feel all the repressed energy in my blood. Ah, if only jealousy were a disease with an easy cure. After all, it's not like having a flu, is it?.

The Scrybe said...

@ human being: I'm happy to eat the ghoul, although I'm aware it will repeat on me for a bit. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

@ Zaina: Agreed, sometimes it's difficult to purge those feelings. Thank you so much for your comment; there's a smile behind these bandages right now :)