Friday, July 16, 2010

Poem- A Tribute to Sylvia Plath

The Truth has Spoken to Me

Beware, for there
is fire beneath my nails
and I can scratch
your slippery surface
to swiftly reveal
your masked secrets.

In a box I have lived
full of moist
and tiny holes punctured
to watch you floating unperturbed
in your fabricated microcosm.

You have always come to me
enshrouded in a thick swelling screen
of smoke and the smell
of burning charcoal as we ignite,
already exhausted,
our embittered passion.

But the heart that has fed,
since time immemorial,
joyous interludes
to our silent ordeal,
has now come to rest
and left us to willingly die
or to pick up the ashes-
it is for us to decide.


Akeith Walters said...

What a great tribute.

Socially Awkward Paint Monster said...

this,is the best thing i've read in a long time, after shakespeare's poetry in romeo and juliet.

Bravo! Sylvia Plath has always intrigued me.

Zaina Anwar said...

Thank you, Akeith.

And thank you, Dream Horn, for your profuse comments. According to my own standards, it's not perfect but I am hopeful for the future :)

Shayna said...

Truly exquisite.