Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hat Stand

The endless line
of wingless eagles
continue their
Dodo march

Arched backs falling,
little slack lemmings,
tumbling with disdain
before my eyes

And back sodden,
soaked, pressed firm
beside rock
Toes dug in
Heels soggy with algae

From here I can see
your flower-proof brolly
painting flames
abroad the horizon


Peter Greene said...

Thanks for the poem, Scrybe. On a somewhat unrelated note: once, my best friend, while working on a dairy farm, observed that eagles can run really, really fast on the ground.

Peter Greene said...

ps - your eagle-lemmings coming back are stuck in my head for good now...and flames upon the horizon. Thanks for the images, and for sharing your work.


The Scrybe said...

Thanks for the comments.
I wasn't aware that eagles run fast along the ground, I'd be interested in seeing that.
And I'm glad you enjoyed the images :)

Tom said...

fantastic imagery