Friday, November 5, 2010

Prayer of the unsaintly

Would you banish me if I confessed
a secret thrill the instant
shrill sirens intrude,
rudely breaking in
to shove aside my trailed-off whispers
with a wail from which no earwax,
no matter how doughy thick,
could keep a modern Ulysses safe.

Maybe it’s this time
they’ll stop for me.

Maybe it’s this time
and there won’t come a knock.

Maybe it’s this time
the stale crust of hardening past
explodes to scorch a put-upon earth
or crack her open so we can,
you and I, slip through,
up among the slewfoot roamers.
Their heavy heads are down,
always down, down,
pointed down and they’re unaware
there are germs here.
There are puffs of dainty fluff floating
close above them here and hoping
to ride our slipstream,
to skip over those dreams
too drained of ambition for ever
to germinate.

Ignore, am I
the kind to ignore? I am
ignoring them right now,
and the dimpled facts
they’d dare be
if beggary wasn’t better served
than derring-do. Don’t
tell me you don’t see them too.

I’ve witnessed the self-interest
and I’m still abiding, dude,
but when, dear God, when
will enlightenment finally arrive?


jbkrost said...

its good, Shakespearian(sp) to say the least.
keep your head up

Megan Duffy said...

This is wonderfully intense.

Fantastic sound bouncing like

"a secret thrill the instant
shrill sirens intrude,
rudely breaking in"

Old 333 said...

Slewfoot roamers! Cool. A fine read, and thanks for it, Francis. It made me ask myself: what if Odysseus had saved some lotus root for the siren zone? Maybe he could have kept his crew addicted and...

I better have some more coffee. Also: Mermaid synchronicity occurred - other places I have stuck in the reader brought the sing-y wastrels up as well. Mermaids and seeds, in fact, have been the morning's art-reading theme.

thanks again for the poem - I'm glad I have a connection again and can keep up with stuff (slightly) better.

Jeremy Blomberg (Sean Weathers) said...

beautiful and passionate poem, i also hope a period of enlightenment will arrive soon...also enjoyed the dude interjection, it reminds of the recent john stewart controversy.

Jenny Enochsson said...

I agree with the other commentors. Very passionate and intense and that goes for both form and content. Great work!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I enjoyed this poem immensely. I found great empathy with the sentiments contained within those words.