Monday, November 8, 2010

Lorca's Lament

My love has flown away
on the black wing of an eagle
to pierce the blue mantle
of a Spanish sky.

Words have deserted me,
they have marched away
to the beat of a thousand drums
and the clash of swords.

The gleam of his naked pistol
and the sun's scorching rays
blinded me as I knelt
that sweltering summer's day
on flowering earth-
mother of all mothers
that gave birth to me.

They dragged me to the cemetery
to breathe my last broken sigh.

I am still searching for the mound
where my shattered bones lie.

Zaina Anwar 2010


RachelW said...

So percectly Lorca. Well done!

Muhammad Qasar Rafiq said...

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gerry boyd said...


Peter Greene said...

My Lorca knowledge is zer0 (off to Wikipedia I go!) - but I found the poem sharp, fast-moving, and pleasant. Thanks for it, Zaina.

Zaina Anwar said...

Guys, thank you for the lovely comments. And thanks for reading.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I have just read this beautiful poem at Poets United.
Wonderful words and wonderful imagery....

Eileen :)