Friday, December 18, 2009

the flavor of simplicity is hidden yet pleasant

It is starkly the fragrant lattice
of leaf-stripped branches black
that gauzes the linen soft of river dusk
and frames, in its pink expansive glow,
the fuzzy drop of a glacial velvet sun.

An arced string of parti-colored pears,
strung in a scarlet garden ripe with rain
echoes and re-echoes in the hushed ludic night.

Come to be drowned in eyes aqua and lacustrine,
framed by a pine torch of flickering doubts
beneath the needles of a wavering sigh
that absolves, in grace, the attic stairs of almost.

You are merely a liquid bag of liquid bags
draped on calcite branches of porcelain white,
a ghost of gray silk that quivers in the breeze.

To see what cannot be seen except through mist
is often hidden in the immanent thrill of now,
the pearly lies from a teal bowl of steaming tea.

So you hang your blue-striped bathrobe
on the chipped corner of the closet door,
skipping the knobby habit of the brass hook
in order to thank your white and holy god
that it was Bellamy, and not Rothberg,
that came to pave the driveway.


Anonymous said...

"You are merely a liquid bag of liquid bags"

Sounds like me in a nut shell. LOL.

Good poem, Gerry.

I don't have to read who has posted which poem anymore. I recognize each poet's personal style by now. That's pretty awesome, isn't it?

gerry boyd said...

Thx. I don't what's more awesome: that you can recognize the styles or that we have distinctive styles. Either way boo-yah!

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone has a distinctive style that I get more and more familiar with. Nice.

Megan Duffy said...

This is wonderful, Gerry.