Sunday, December 6, 2009

in a faraway land

in the faraway land of rub-a-dub
everyone lived in the local pub
they drank whiskey, ale and bock
and played the tuba around the clock

there was an old woman who lived in a crab
and ate fried rhinoceros by the slab
she ate it with mustard, she ate it with mayo
and sang in the tub all the live long dayo

there was an old man who lived in a lobster
he was a friend of uncle bob, sir
his only companion was a garter snake
and they dined every evening on raw beefsteak

when i woke up in the wind and snow
i heard a voice calling me from below
my father was a drainpipe and my mother was a rat
they kept me in the cellar so i wouldn't get fat

they wouldn't let me go out and play
so i carved toothpicks the livelong day
with the sword of doom and a boy scout knife
the best friends i ever had in my life

there was an old man who lived upstairs
he had a collection of folding chairs
he folded them up and he folded them down
i think his name was henry brown

the billiard parlor had a big tv
there for the whole wide world to see
and every night i heard it say
walter cronkite passed this way


Anonymous said...

Basically, I love this beautiful poem!

The way I'm lulled into this quirky nice pub feeling and the livly colours intensify that too. Then all of a sudden, like being whipped by a lash, I'm down in the cellar.

Jenny said...

Wonderful poem. Animated images that suddenly become full of sorrow. Humor with melancholia. Thank you for sharing this fine piece!

rhoda said...

po and jenny,
thanks to both. i originally intended a complete nonsense poem. "'playing the silly card", but if it turned out a little different, that's ok. glad you liked it.