Friday, December 4, 2009


Different roads,
acid streetlights.
The red brick building and
a cluster-fuck bowl.
I need hydration is
served by a
mercurial woman
the radon
smelling place shakes.
I peep at the
molar precision behind
the counter.

Trapped inside the kennel.
Emptying my cup of
americium tasting
fluid. This place is
a ki-ki.

Social war
is total freedom.
This is devastation
a body without
plasma vulgarity.

My straight leg and my
boot cut.
Two objects farthest apart.
My visible fat is calculated using
rp = a(1-e) and ra = a(1+e).


Megan Duffy said...

I love the evolution of this poem: from "acid street lights," ending with a bodily equation.

Strikingly original.

Francis Scudellari said...

A gritty portrait mixed with a bit of physics... very cool. I love the descriptions.

Jenny said...

I come to think of Arthur Lee's angry lyrics. "Apoapsis" has an apocalyptic tone. Really good piece.

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys! I found it hard to finish this one. But I think I like the ending now.