Wednesday, December 2, 2009

graffiti on time and space
like a binding spell

winding sheet
let this spirit come to me
but send it in peace or not at all

never the deceiver
for things unsaid are not always unheard

never forgiven
for you may do me no harm

the only thing I want to know
is if I am
or I am not
alone in your love


Megan Duffy said...

"for things unsaid are not always unheard"

haunting and true

Jenny said...

An eerie breeze between the lines. I think the wavy structure made me feel that. Very well-written.

Francis Scudellari said...

I like the arrangement of the lines in the last stanza, and the shifting meanings it creates. Great opening lines too.

Jon said...

thanks... but don't let it haunt you too much

I like what you say about the breeze here... makes me think of this in terms of negative space... like blocks that the ghost moves between... i always like hearing the reads of other writers... gives a new perspective on things... thanks!

yeah... you've gotta have those bookends, eh? The contrast you point to is a good read... the difference between binding and moving away... thanks for your thoughts on this poem that has eluded me for so long now... i'll give it another shot soon!