Saturday, December 19, 2009

You should know

that a tuatara
has no p.s.,
hyena females
a fake p.s.,
snakes a p.s.
split in half,
the elephant a
five-foot p.s.
or thereabouts,
with movement
as a fisted arm,
the blue whale, simply
venture a guess,
the octopus, wary,
hands over a packet,
the deep sea
angler becomes
parasitic, loses
eyes and fins to a
partner leviathan,
and as you know,
the cephalous, that is,
the head is eaten
from the God-
imploring mantis.


Ande said...

startling work. I love the meticulous pulse inside the text.

Anonymous said...


Your style is enthralling and original. Love the imagery here.

Jenny said...

I enjoy the rhythmic billowy flow very much.

Stunning lines:

"the cephalous, that is,
the head is eaten
from the God-"

And there are many more that I could mention as well.

So truly innovative, your work!

Claudette Cohen said...

Thanks, everyone. I greatly appreciate your responses.