Thursday, May 20, 2010

2 poems by John Grochalski

such trivial delights

i watch the young ones
dangle on street corners

girls with tight asses
and black souls
that’ll cause damage
to dumb boys and old men

then i close
the wooden shade
forgetting the world

i pop a blood blister on my toe
the red juice squirting where it will

i can’t think
of what else to do
being home sick from work

so i jack-off to starlets
captured on internet
video freeze frames

nude scenes taken from movies
i’ll never see

because the good parts
just landed on the floor
with a dull splat

and movies are too expensive
these days
for such trivial delights


i wake her up
she tells me that she has
a headache
i offer to get her aspirin
but she doesn’t want them.

her stomach feels empty
she says.

i turn on the light

i tell her
she could be hungover

we went to the bar
last night

i told her that she
drank most of the wine
when we got home.

i just kept filling her glass.

don’t tell me
she says, sitting up
i have a headache
don’t sit there and tell me
what i did wrong.

i was just guessing
i say

then we sit there in silence.

i feel like a prick.
three days ago
i was kneeling on the bathroom floor
vomiting up bile
from a night of binging
on wine and beer.

i vomited until a part
of my chest turned black and blue.
now here i am
the judge and juror.

do you want some aspirin?
i ask again.

she says.
i just need to take a shower.

she gets up off the bed
to run the water
while i sit there
in the dim light
trying to remember
if we bought enough cat food
or not.


Jenny said...

Welcome John! Happy to see you here at FoS.

I love your poetry. Wry, sharp, human, bittersweet. Great stuff!

bearskin rug said...


Anonymous said...

I felt like drinking wine before I read this. I’m off to the nearest watering hole now.

This is good stuff.

Francis Scudellari said...

Welcome. These are definitely attention getters. I really like the detached voice.

human being said...


all days are
filled with

all days
i write about

just to remember
there is something
lost among


John Grochalski said...

you all are making me blush...Jenny, thank you for the invite.

gerry boyd said...

John: Just great honest lucid writing that makes fresh and new the moments of our jaded lives that we are usually successful in pretending are not really there. Welcome. Gerry

Megan Duffy said...

John, I agree with Gerry. Your poems are cutting and honest. I described them to Jenny as "sunlight on a dusty floor" (and this is a great thing.) Glad you're here -Megan

Ande said...

This is revitalizing. Happy to see you here.

Thomas Sheridan said...

You arrived with a bang John. Thanks.