Monday, May 3, 2010

"The Devil's Lumberjack"
Watercolour/Gouache on Paper

It was sitting there having a rest after it had single-handily destroyed and obliterated a whole area of woodland in a single morning. I painted this on the spot among the devastated trees. You could almost sense the terror of the trees still standing.


Jenny said...

As a fellow tree lover, I get sad and angry. Same thing happened to a much loved piece of woodland near Old Uppsala. This was my sanctuary, even though I am an unreligious person. I consider it a tragedy.

Your painting express the trees' terror. Great piece.

Anonymous said...

Most people seem to agree that trees are rare and stunning. Yet most people silently agree that they should be raw material.

I believe many people are afraid of trees on some level; the wildness perhaps and the fact that they are older and have seen more things than we have. I sometimes think that trees are more sentient and understanding than some people (my boss for example). Fine painting.

Megan Duffy said...

I agree, Jenny, the trees seem to be shuddering with fear and disbelief. This is significant work, Thomas.

Francis Scudellari said...

The machinery looks so ominous in this piece.

human being said...


they trembled
i tumbled down
they sighed
i cried
they asked, why?
i was si-


stunning work!

The Scrybe said...

I like this. And we shed tears for fallen trees.

Thomas Sheridan said...

Thanks everyone for your positive feedback. I am glad this image is hitting the same chord with you all as it did with me.

I think you might be right Meegan, there was something about this painting which changed me after it was completed.

PO you are correct about the fear of trees many people have. Not sure if it relates to some collective ancestral memory of wolves and dangers, or does the longevity of trees create a kind of mortality envy in humans.