Friday, May 7, 2010

Shadow of a Stinkbug

The melancholy analyst
appears in the tablet again,

"If I'd ever seen a superconductive
egophone, maybe I'd know what it is.."



Somehow Busby Berkeley gets cross
with Lawrence Livermore.

Air stream Cobra.
Ball peen Hummer.


Jenny said...

The line "Ball peen Hummer" has now got stuck in my head like a song, like one very long word, ballpeenhummerballpeenhummer...

Really good rhythm and language twists.

bearskin rug said...

say that 5 times fast:)

The Scrybe said...

I'd never heard of either Berkeley or Livermore, but now I'm wondering why Busby might be cross...

human being said...

so cryptic... especially for me who easily forget the names and titles... what remains with me long is the footprints...

anyway, i like the structure and the sounds in this work...

Phanero Noemikon said...

A camel may hold water.
Came El to May, to be joined
that way, the round head
also called a 'pen'
drives in the 'n'
to the ale, or ail.

What is not a sickness
is a drunkness, what is not
bliss is, [sigh]..

be must alternate.


Anonymous said...

This is so good. I have said this before, but I need to say it again.

gerry boyd said...

True that. And relatively point-ful for you. ;-)