Friday, May 14, 2010

early history

The period between ca 1914 until early 21th century is usually referred to as the “authentic” 20th century. It was the era which lifted human race from the shortage and self-absorption of previous centuries. The interpretation of the period derives entirety from archeological testimony which points towards a largely utopian global society. Particularly the northern hemisphere enjoyed a lasting economic boom. Steady advancement in technology coupled with the progress of liberation made way for what is largely seen as human race’s most painless time. Some experts go so far as calling it “the period of pleasures”. The époque would famously become a symbol of hope for later ages, even though recent evidence (Yllu, Rollo, covering 9, 4, 9, 3) points at some strife at the end of the era. This made scientists (esp. McLars, Og, Ell, Quinn, Reh) to question the common view, highlighting the archeological shortage (only 1,432189896789 terabyte). The popular view today, however, is that the trouble-free buggers of the 20th and early 21th century would have been a wee bit surprised if they only knew.

Narration of Home Mire (0, 0, 0, 0), early history

bolometric luminosity between air masses
I’m inside the dome while my emergent coastline rises
dancing humid circles
when I die they will put me in the chilly gravel
cataclysmic variable of fading colors

season of growing hillsides
calibration of oceans behind the palisades
make for a stunning get-together
before the gasses


Megan Duffy said...

This blew me away, PO. Seriously brilliant.

"I’m inside the dome while my emergent coastline rises" wow.

Jenny said...

Wonderful humorous piece, PO! I love the transition effects.

bearskin rug said...

"the period of pleasures"
~ oh yeah!

Francis Scudellari said...

I love this combination of fictional narrative and poetry. Futuristic and enigmatic. We do seem to be headed down a dubious path.

human being said...

history is all about before and after...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

I’m very eager to see the book (both the e-book and the print version). I guess the print version will take some time. I don’t mean to rush you.

It feels like when I was a kid and waited for my birth day. It’s the first time I will get published, hopefully. I’m sorry I changed my submission.