Thursday, February 4, 2010

city in pink

C.elegans on aunt sally's mind
the canary master is a
James swears he stabbed the cat
and draws crabs on him
X chromosome is da shit

Fags and flying pigs
aunty swears as she cuts up
junk DNA from Johnny's knee
the June cold makes him cough

a cigarette under the
hide while emptying gum boots
and they are ready to leave again

miles of
electric bottle green light
from a far off structure


Ande said...

hmm, a geneticist auntie, a masochist and some others? sounds like a plot for a novel; exciting.

Jenny Enochsson said...

Yeah, this is funny and well-written. Lively. Thanks for this one and all other poems of yours, PO.

Hannah Miet said...

the canary master is a masochist

Mm. Yes.

I love the confinement of chaos here.

Anonymous said...

Ande - Thanks yep perhaps this can be a novel. Not by me however I think.

Jenny - Thanks for your support, I'm happy.

Hannah - Thanks a lot. Means a lot to me.

Hannah Miet said...

Thank you...and for the invitation that brightened my snow.

Francis Scudellari said...

A bit twisted, but fun, just the way I like my poetry :).

Akeith Walters said...

Love the title. Great writing.