Monday, February 1, 2010

elderly ladies

I was walking
through gates of cash machines
as I saw the man with wings behind the counter
I dropped my stuff

the gathering is over
no-one is amused
just survive the
or bite the dust

the alligator takes the blows
it's just a game but anyway
she'd run for it
with her bottle of wine
close in for slaughter
the all-in elderly ladies with pistols

sentinels look the other way
time is spongy
duck and
boom boom


Jenny Enochsson said...

Snappy like the whip of a ray's tail.

timmy said...

"just survive the
or bite the dust"

just medicate the dust
or bite the survival

just survive the dust
or medicate the bite

they'll get you every time
even if you are an alligator

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, timmy. You are right. They get you every time. I prefer the "medicate the bite" part of you poem. but that's just because I am who I am.