Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a turn of the card will never be accepted as final

a turn of the card
will never be accepted

as final
not while other decks

can be produced
and the room never closes

and night never

closing in after lunch
dying of hydraulic overhauls

riding rails without tomorrow
every heavy elephant laughs

delivering seven sisters tambourines
after eddie nodded negatively

don't expect youthful exuberance
truthful predictions verify instantly

many friends expect sympathy
graciously understanding murderous impulses

overlooking terrible intentions absolutely
observing annual returns carefully

blind neanderthals blink hesitatingly
if you like this

i got a million more just like it
everybody likes stories

but they know exactly
what stories they like

so a turn of the card
will never be accepted as final


Jenny said...

The purple haired dude looks like he is up to some cheating, glancing at the cards. I would trust the bear before him, anytime.

Lovely poem and artwork.

Ande said...

Yes, the guy looks a bit of a cheater. However I think the woman in the middle of them is a croupier. A grand piece.

timmy said...

thanks guys, glad you like it.
ande, you are right, the woman is a croupier or house dealer. it looks like she is styling a bit with her shuffling - she should probably be covering the cards better with her hands.

Edilberto González Trejos - Autor said...

Very nice blog, poet, I will include it at my blog roll.
Cheers from Panama.

Anonymous said...

Superb poem, man.

Just got back from Berlin. I had some extra time and I visited a casino there and had fun. It felt like a 50s film; I drank White Russians and wore a suit which I never do normally.

Unknown said...

looked for u all over, finally found u here!
Lovely words, and beautifully scripted

Fareed said...