Saturday, February 6, 2010

Subway Soliloquies

Poetry & Pornography

Life’s too short to argue about waves
of feminism or to blowdry
your hair or use

That’s what I think, anyway.
I think, sometimes.

Just pack your knife
and I’ll bring my paintbrush.

We’ll panhandle for piece of mind, sometime.

Context-free is fine.

I made myself come seven times yesterday.
I’d say that’s pretty spectacular.

I’d say a lot of things if you gave me the time.
I’m not even counting multiple orgasms.

I’d like to see the blood pumping
in your mind.

Misconnect Me

I sawed you on the 6 train.

You were busy pushing buttons and saving text
messages because we had
no service.

You were holding a root beer in between
your legs, and on your lap there was Raw Youth
by Dostoevsky, and I wondered what you were doing at 6 a.m. on a Sunday
and if you were still awake
from last night. You looked fresh, I don’t know,

there was a flower in your hair.

--Hannah Miet


Anonymous said...

This gives me a feeling of a city, signs and motions of it. NY, perhaps. Your poems are refreshing, I like your sense of humor. hmm I travel a lot in my work. next time I travel by subway I will keep my senses open. Perhaps that's more interesting than shutting down. I don't know.

Francis Scudellari said...

I really enjoyed these. They definitely kept the mind pumping. There was a breeziness to the first, and I liked the details captured in the second. I'm glad you've joined the site... yet another unique voice.

Jenny said...

Welcome, Hannah!

Splendid writing. It feels breezy and lush at the same time.


Hannah Miet said...

PO - Thank you. Sometimes I feel I am most open in transit...or even that part of me is almost electronic, always sending waves outward. It helps to bring a notebook on the train.

Francis - I really appreciate that. PO's invitation to join you all made my (fiercely cold) morning.

Jenny - It's funny how others can always see things in your writing that you don't see. I like using your lens. And thank you.

gerry boyd said...

These seem oddly familiar. My, my, you do get around. Welcome. Cheers.

Hannah Miet said...

Yeah, a certain poet drew me in this direction. I wonder who that might be...thanks for the welcome.

Megan Duffy said...

Such interesting work, Hannah. The final lines in both are fascinating and beautiful. I agree with PO, there is a palpable city feeling in both.


Lyn said...

I get confooosed easily, like who's matter..good is good! Poetry on #6..that's my line/ 86th...

trisha gee said...

your expression is so clear, I saw her.

Akeith Walters said...

Good fine writing. Welcome.

I enjoyed your blog, by the way.

The Scrybe said...

Beautiful; I found innocence in these lines.

Hannah Miet said...

@Megan - I appreciate's nice to know the city is affecting my writing.

@Lyn - That used to be my line as well...recently switched over to the west side.

@Trish - Nice. Thank you.

@Akeith - I hope you return...

@The Scrybe - Maybe there is some innocence left...I often don't see it in myself. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

No-one sexes up the subway like you, my darling. This was a dirty treasure.