Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Turning left for the milky way

The chrome knife of a yellow fossil
is your cut bone that cuts me too,
entangled neurons silver buffed
in the jungle subways humid brew,
prior to shrill and before the blade
basalt scratched the sankofa thrill-

we were engraved by comrade baby chrome
into a goosed cadence of pablum clumps:
from the stomping argyles of pedantic hue
to the saline paths of washed-up krill-
a tidy nexus of etiolating fuck-ups ensued
before I left my sun-block out of reach
in the sandy bunkers on the washed-out beach.

Idle graphite scratched on wordy grout
their tack itself a talismanic snack,
hinting at the facial rituals necessary for
protection against sardonic maps of melt:
long in the sun but not long enough
I needs some heat for my feets please.

When hurtling and huffing on a sunset train
in a westbound carriage of terminal sun,
a bad pun in Dutch about cannon fodder
does not stop the pain or cancel the jones
of watching unpleasant seasons tick through time
a wrist for which is overkill, limping into stardom-

when the pillow cut meets the fossil bone
birthing a little flutter in the licks of distant stars.


bracelets and handcuffs said...

Gerry Boyd.

I like this poem very much. Am very happy you have posted it here as well.
"we were engraved by comrade baby chrome
into a goosed cadence of pablum clumps:" speaks volumes to me.

And a BRAVO! to you.


Ande said...

Songs from ”Cream” sneaked up on my mind when reading this one. However, it is in its own right an affluent and rewarding piece.

The Scrybe said...

I especially like the penultimate stanza