Friday, February 19, 2010

mosquito darkness

Summer in his head
late Ossian darkness
in the tectonic chamber

light in my head I'm pouring
myself another saccharine
drink arsenic and coffee in her veins

the heat's on
men and women in bizarre uniforms
forced to use other senses
than eyes in the soaked darkness

She swallows once more
lead and angelic acid
between clean sheets under
sea green lamps
mercuric blueberries
Oh, Freddie

phases of matter
Goran is blue channeling
red Eva when she’s
performing from the hollows
inhaling strange organic by-products
slaughter mammals under infra red lights


Anonymous said...

I’m sorry if you have seen another version in reader. I rewrote this poem a couple of times on the 20.39 flight from Berlin to Oslo. I drank some red wine and listened to really good índustrial rock while writing

Francis Scudellari said...

With inputs like red wine and industrial rock, you're sure to have some intriguing outputs. The third stanza is my favorite.

Jenny said...

Very vivid imagery. I really like:

"sea green lamps
mercuric blueberries"

This part

"inhaling strange organic by-products/
slaughter mammals under infra red lights"

makes me think of the dreadful conditions for "industrial" animals, packed into small spaces with growth hormone in their already strange food.

Very good poem.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, thank you for your kind words and thank you, for raising this question. I believe it's below us as a species to treat (or allow the treatment of) animals in this conditions. They have the same perception as humans in a range of important areas, such as feeling safe or scared, pain or at ease, angry or happy. To use animals with the excuse that they can't think like us shows the limitations of our current culture, which is severe. We need to treat others the same way we want to be treated ourselves, I believe.

And mistreatment will always get us in the end, in the sense that we lay the foundations of our future prosperity OR destruction now.

Anonymous said...

Francis - Thank you. Yep that's the right kind of input to create something in.