Saturday, January 2, 2010

ascribe to me a body....

ascribe to me a body
easily broken
that I might bear a story for every scar

assign to me a body
hurt so deeply
the only way to cry would be
a howl

ascribe to me a body
shaped by moments
so time with
into my craft

author me a body
honed by longing
that I might write
of smoke & spark & flame
blissful fire...
sweet pain
timeless twilight
graceful dawns, easy waking
thresholds, moonscapes
oceans, shorelines
hope's wilderness

ascribe to me this body
changed and grateful
that I might die
with you
as my last thought


Jenny said...

Welcome, Harlequin.

This one has a nice flow and the structure feels like animated water to me.

Megan Duffy said...

Such a lovely piece. It seems to be washed in moonlight. I love

"hope's wilderness."

Claudette Cohen said...

I too really liked "hope's wilderness" and also "blissful fire" and the chant-like quality, which made it a delight to read.

CONSTANT said...

very well done - fantastic images

Harlequin said...

thank you for these helpful and, in themselves, lyrical comments.... and so thoughtful as well.
the felt sense of chant was one I am glad was, well, felt :)