Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Feathering Jack
bottolism again
while Spoonful shows adipose tissue
for the man

He'll show the bastard myoglobin
dripping deadly infection
and dark lactic acid.

Endtoxin freezer burn
Jack's rolling into a sphere
while snow falls on leather
and hips naked skin

yeah, crowded radiant cityscape
breathes hastily icy air
cosmological red shift stays
for a short while
mere dust awaits

no need to kick the center
apastron rules.


Jenny said...

Concise and rich one, PO! Both hot and cold.

Talking about coldness. The freezing winter outside is single-minded. Tomorrow it will be -20 C here, which is extreme for Uppsala! I guess Norway has the cold snap too right now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Yep, it's bloody freezing here.

Jenny said...

The -20 sucks.

Anonymous said...

I live by the coast. It's not a warm sea. Many Norweigans are emigrating to the south when the winter comes. I thought about doing that myself but I have a job here. The winds are horrible now, -25 celcius.

Harlequin said...

all I could feel was icy cold!
a great terse and haptic read....well done