Monday, January 25, 2010

unexpected evidence of a yellow poppy about to bloom

The flapless dip of a buff thrush in sudden flight
is a frozen snap of broadcast joy obliquely snatched-

in that moment certain moment just the same

you are the cirrus cloud you see you are
breathing at sunset into sure dissolve
leaving nothing but of breath behind
except the exhaled trails of atoms clashing,

when one jagged node through the gnarled pines
delaying darkness with yet more darkness still

egresses into sudden light:

a death that seeks to conquer death
with pebbles tossed to distant curbs;

the opposite of myopia is a tremolo just dissipated
into dusky assignations on the boulevard of minor keys,

a fillip without cream or sugar
that takes its black and proper place
in the azure pantheon of ceramic doubt,
the bloody hole of a glazed donut
drizzled back upon itself
on a disk of princely Doulton.

Entwined with the discipline Etrusca
a headlock of four syllables for the cursus velox
slams the lettered mat with a rough phillipic
funneled from the aural miasma
into the channel of your bronze and purple vision:
an idiopathic halo in a message of bright.

The propensities and densities of animated meat-
the meat is animation, animation meat,
or so he claimed once in Amsterdam:
his naught was not a vengeful naught
nor incensed by the orange burn of clove
upon the third forehead of a creeping dawn;

a hare stomped upon the pungent reeds
but the warning was diffused by punks
standing erect among the fragrant petals:

from zygote to zombie and back again,
a second coming is surely not enough


Jenny said...

Wonderfully enigmatic, Gerry! An exciting journey. Sharp words and imagery that seem embedded in an orange haze, smelling of tangerine and tar.

Francis Scudellari said...

It will take me at least a third coming to penetrate to the heart of this one, but I'll enjoy the revisits.

Anonymous said...

It's a journey which took me some time to understand, beautifully entwind.
Thank you.

Akeith Walters said...

You did it again. Excellent writing, entertaining and dynamic.