Monday, January 4, 2010

we thought we'd never see you again

cosmic despair (is there any other kind?)
enervated frankie
grittingly hammering iridescent jackrabbits
karmic lethargy mandated nebulousness

open the door
the door opened
ah mr francis
we thought we'd never see you again

good afternoon palgrave
you're looking well
i'm a little surprised to see you still here
perhaps time

doesn't flow
so freely after all
i've been cloned
several times sir

overhead penumbric quasars reverberated
is madame here?
is she well?
she finally had her species change operation, sir

and what kind of cat did she finally become
she changed her mind at the last minute sir
and became a goldfish instead

there it is right there
every table and chair in the conservatory
and most of the floor
was piled high with comic books

silent tarantulas undulated sluggishly
we have every issue ever printed
of action comics and detective comics
would you like to read some?

actually i'd like to read them all
would you like to take a closer look
at madame?
no, a goldfish is a goldfish

i'd rather read the
april 1947 issue of detective comics
i think
i missed it the first time around

will there be anything else sir
please order every issue of batman comics
and also adventure comics
i was always a secret superboy fan

vapor of vixenish wineglasses envelop
yet another

zeros are beyond counting


Jenny said...

Thanks for this one (and for all your other contributions too, of course), timmy! I like the tension built up here. There is something almost eerie about the dialogue, I think. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

as always it's a true delight reading your stuff. this one was emotionally satisfying while funny at the same time.

Ande said...

Very good. You story flows uninterrupted. I like to read your stuff.

Harlequin said...

I like how the dialogue and " back commentary" are interspersed and played off against each other... and yet there is still this story line that is persistent.... you manage to pull off this trick time and time again!
most enjoyable.