Friday, June 25, 2010

Gray Dog
digital photo

late winter


Anonymous said...

Very nice image, love the black and white tones!

Jenny said...

I love this! Looks a bit like the outer corner of Sergels torg in Stockholm. Would be neat to see all your industrial photos in a collection. In fact, I can see them together with some of the FoS poetry. That would be an interesting thing.

jbkrost said...

thanks Charles..
yeah I love the gray grainey starkness to this, quite a nod coming from you thanks

I would live to cut loose in Stochholm, but alas, here I am in the mid-west U.S.A.
but that a great idae, will be on a fly fishing trip fot the next 5 days when I get back, will make contact,
thanks again

Ande said...

This is full of guts. As a Swede I think I can relate to it on a profound level (the building boom of the 70s filled every major town with this kind of architecture, to most people’s loathing now days. But I like it).

Unknown said...

Amazing. I think it would be great picture for some Brian Eno`s song :)

Thomas Sheridan said...

Really excellent image. The elegance of art deco and the brutality of tower block. I grew up in a place just like this.

jbkrost said...

I would love to see the area you speak of, I find these structures and angles beautiful.

thanks for the comment!
Before or after Roxy?
there is some interesting early Bowie recordings you should track down.

Hey thomas...
thanks, yeah I grew up not too far from here, as a kid I never gave it much thought. But I didn't really have my eyes open either.
Sometimes I think the trick is not to look to fast