Thursday, June 24, 2010

there was also water too

she handed me a card
but it was not as funny
as she had lead me to expect

I did not use an opener
but it may have been a dream
in which I was suddenly growing older

she wanted to be bedded
I was quite sure of that
for she told me so herself

collecting bling for the Ondines
I was also quite sure
that I was not intended


Jenny said...

I love the tone, kinda bittersweet. My favorite line:

"collecting bling for the Ondines"

could be the title of a book.

gerry boyd said...

well, Jenny, I've given you the title, so start writing, ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done, a dream within a dream!

Francis Scudellari said...

I like the hazy feel of this, where the "quite sure" still feels uncertain.

Peter Greene said...

Collecting bling for the Ondines! Cool. Looking up Ondines led me to Ondine's Curse and the imagining of bling-coated crib death passage graves. Thanks for a neat poem and a neat research time.

Thomas Sheridan said...

"collecting bling for the Ondines"

Very good!

gerry boyd said...

@Charles: dreams matter greatly, right?

@Francis: cool. that's a nice read.

@Old 333: I've been tasked by the authorities to keep you busy with research into the mysterious. It appears the initial experiment has gone well. Subject responding as intended, ha!

@Mr. Sheridan: Thx, Why should the bling only go to the chavs, right? I prefer the older mysteries.