Thursday, June 10, 2010


watercolour, ink on paper.


Zaina Anwar said...

Love it!

Francis Scudellari said...


Jenny said...

Magnificent creature, this. I also like the colors and title very much.

Ande said...

I just love the creature’s attitude. Tremendous art.

human being said...

the substance of fire
in the sky
in the stars of the night
in the growing green of the life
in the frozen mountain peaks
and in the wind

the blood in my vessels

Peter Greene said...

Do i see mountains inside the beast! I like this mucho. It belongs on a very cool jacket. Or perhaps a large wall-hanging. What we make now is ancient in another day, an it survive, and this shall survive.

Bless the web, preserver and distributor. Thanks for the cool art, Thomas.

jbkrost said...

Nice job.......
looks like it should be a tatoo for a tribes man down under.

Thomas Sheridan said...

Thanks everybody. I actually encountered this fellow while I was coming off morphine during a recent visit to hospital. There was a serious level of very enjoyable hallucinations one night in which I met this fellow and lots of other human-animal hybrids. He looked at me as if to say to himself “oh, anther human, whatever…”

I also had another vision of this wall frieze inside a dome, which contained all the early anthropomorphic art of every culture from African to European to Mayan/Aztec which they all blended perfectly into one another.

The title come from plasma as in blood and as a energy force in the universe. The colours are completely new for me and all came from this "trip" but I am glad I used them.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work and use of elements, excellent!

Thomas Sheridan said...

If anyone is interested, I have made a very nice t-shirt using the design - which my initial intention. You can get it all sizes and so on here:

Anonymous said...

Very nice image, interesting to hear how it was conjured up.

Good idea about the t-shirt.