Friday, June 4, 2010

The Sound and the Fury
digital photo

I took this over the winter, this was during the pre-dawn light. I feel that it adds to the atmosphere, and gives a graying grainy quality that appeals to me.


Jenny said...

Very cool image, jb! I come to think of Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning" and I will put on that track now while looking some more at this photo.

Ande said...

Really cool. The atmosphere is looming. Fantastic. I like how you capture a kind of duality; it’s both very threatening and reassuring (I came to think about a steam locomotive) at once.

human being said...


the magic wand of love was
in the hands of

in a flick of time
hope could be turned into
ashes and smoke
a path in the sky
waiting to emerge from behind
an invisibility cloak


Anonymous said...

It took me some difficulty to formulate a comment, so let me just say this was a really cool image which I love. The light, fire and threatening setting, the double edged meaning of it (progress vs destruction) and the fact that you managed to create this without stereotyping. This is a really good image. Thank you.

jbkrost said...

Fire em up baby, the wolf will get you there!
thanks try a little Muddy Waters while your at it!

thanks, it was about 20degrees F the morning I took this.
I'm sure some of this was steam, this is an old industrial area in the city, I sneak down there from time to time.

Human being...
very nice, I like how you put words to things, really all of you guys have a real telent for that.
thanks for the poem

PO Johnson...
That's a real nice comment, it tells me I'm on the right track...
There's so much to shoot in that area, and its sometimes hard to zero in on one specific thing, I try not to get the one already done, but somthing fresh regardless of it being pretty or ugly.
To me ugly is sometimes beautiful.

jbkrost said...

Oh Yeah...
I borrowed the title from that William Faulkner guy.
What a story teller

Peter Greene said...

I love industrial landscapes, and that is one cool shot. I too had difficulty coming up with a sensible comment - I just like looking at that. I could try to come up with some sense-impressions, but I don't do ekphrasis as a matter of policy (ever since I looked it up to find out what it was). Although I liked human being's one there just fine. A really excellent image. If I had a house (and one day I might), it's something I would hang in a quiet hall. Thanks for sharing.

The star and the tickmark shapes (windows?) are very nifty.

human being said...


i learned a new word... thanks for this and also for likling what i wrote on this great photo, Old 333...

but don't think what i write on other friends poems or artworks is describing them...
it is just a sort of dialog... i hear someone talking to me... and something in me wants to answer...
to share...

sharing is all!


jbkrost said...

old 333....
Thanks much for the breakdown, yeah I live in a industrial city, its not as bleak as this photo looks, but it does have its Ekphrasis area's(had to look it up)
apperciate the comment and it would look good in your house

Human being
well just keep writing them who ever they are for

Thomas Sheridan said...

It's a shame heavy industry is so bad became it looks so cool.