Thursday, June 10, 2010

misplaced camels

Can you hide your fatality behind furnishing?
she asks me in the pasty lodgings
wind lingers in her curtains I feel the
breeze under my costume and shake my skull
as I sit down on the davenport
abhorrence is beta sheets coming together in plasma
carroty woman

churn behind the shut entrance next to me
the ocean puts me out cool fluid
my gentleman awaits
misplaced camel looking at prairie dunes no fortune at all

written on vacation on a grassy beach in Washington state.


bearskin rug said...

I love the title!:)

Jenny said...

"carroty women"

You sure need the vacation, PO. ;) Kiddin´.

Ande said...

I may be wrong about this but this feels like a happy poem. I hope you’re having a good vacation.

Peter Greene said...

Wind in curtains, and in costumes. I like. As others have said, happy beaches.

Off to look for that other notebook (the one with today's poems in it, damn it! Where might it be!)


Thomas Sheridan said...

"abhorrence is beta sheets coming together in plasma"

Ooh synchonicity. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you people, I don't deserve it.

Megan Duffy said...

What a killer last line... haunted and humorous. Really nice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Megan.