Monday, June 21, 2010

sloppy males

Her claret hair leads me on
oh, I’m just a male
eating ice creams in sport cars
the doors on State Road 2
she says you know me
I’m just a sloppy consumer
feeling sorry for fuck ups

I’m thankful
redhead means communal
I joke (pathetically)
wing mirror in red garden missiles
tree in spherical movement
sandwiched between linen
ice cream
warm asphalt
navy circles on belly


bearskin rug said...

why are i hungry for ice cream?
you must really like redheads...
when i read this poem i actually kept thinking about eating sloppy joes...
keep up the great verse ~

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you, Nikki! I feel like a sloppy male these days, after a long vacation in the sun. I need to start working again soon and shape up (and stop eating candy, drinking wine, beer).

Jenny said...

Great, comical poem with a drive.

"redhead means communal"

That was also true for Sweden once, but not these days. Not it is more like "albino."

Ande said...

Holiday bard? Good piece.

JZKnowles-Smith said...

I love what you do with simple, small words, this is how poetry should be.

Peter Greene said...

Don't you DARE get ice cream on the Corinthian leather seats. Sweat, cigar smoke, and other delectable dews and mists yes, leather is just made for those smells - but ice cream will go sour in there. Trust me.

I wanted both Sloppy Joes and ice cream after this and the comments, but I 'as too much face baleen. These days I order dry, small objects, and drink wine in pre-blibbled bibs.

Bibs! Bibs bibs bibs!

(controls himself)

Thanks for the poem - this place is such a pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic prose, playful and pointed. Keep the great work coming!

Megan Duffy said...

"redhead means communal." As a former redhead, I can attest to that.

I always love reading your work, PO.