Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Big Fight.

no flank pink
no pug unity

i see a boxer
working out
under a mirrored cube

suddenly panels open on all four sides
mirrored panels
and out comes a lot of ivy

now the boxer
must fight
the ivy


Jenny said...

Suggestive good stuff, Lanny. I always enjoy reading your poetry here and on your page. I think you have a rare ability to combine the anarchic with the disciplined and redefine the language altogether and it still makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your to the point “cutting edge” way of writing. Your poems really make an impact. Thank you.

Ande said...

Deeply suggestive. Your pomes are incredible. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

”pomes” as in apple? ;)
Nah, you’re a foreigner Ande, so it’s forgiven. Well, I’m too, more or less, these days.

Insidious said...

I've been reading your poems, and they're really nice. I write poems myself too, sometimes, and I'd really like to share them in here. But I'm not sure whom I need to contact. Can anybody give me a heads up?

Phanero Noemikon said...

thanks youse guys!