Thursday, April 29, 2010

acrylic/fluted sbs

There has been a recent visitor to my house.


bearskin rug said...

I love the colors that you used...the red really looks rich against the black:)

human being said...

i love this work in a strange way... it's got some sublime inherent force in it...

i feel the lines in the shadow of the bush and in the shadow of the cat and in man's legs and body converge somewhere in the sky... there is a distance between them now... even we don't see the man's hands... no reaching out... just a contemplative posture... just observing... but they are (will come) together at the end (not necessarily physically)... something is growing... like that plant... from dark to light...

the balance between the parts of the work and the contrast among the colors (as NIKKI mentioned) are perfect...

this is one of the best works i've seen quite in a long while...

it conjures up some words:


i bestowed
my hands
upon the trees
and my steps
upon the land
i can watch you


ahhhh... when crows like something, they crow a lot!!!

Jenny said...

The colors are lovely. I love the shapes and shadows.

Unknown said...

great work of Art! like time stands stll in a masterpiece!
that too in clours as in a dream!

Ande said...

This is bold contrasts. I deeply appreciate the shadows.

jbkrost said...

Thanks, yeah that the top-secret black that nasa and cia uses for a but its most important projects.

human being....
WOW what a break down,glad you like it!
I have never had a poem attached to one of my works.
really kind of you

thanks your a doll!
I like that you find the tome to comment, Looking forward to fose-project, still sifting through my choices

you should stop.... I may start to develope an ego, glab you like

much thanks I deeply apperciate that you like it. good of you to comment!

You guys are all cool!!

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

This is so beautiful JB, i love it a lot! The colours, the shadows, the light, the mystery......

Francis Scudellari said...

The figures both a little eerie and yet also reassuring. I love the color combination.

Thomas Sheridan said...

I am facinated by the white half border on the human figure. Looks like the person is caught between states of waking and dreaming.

jbkrost said...

thanks, glad you like!!
hope to experiment a bit more with the spared down space

thanks, yeah I was trying to keep it a bit.... quite but they seem to have said things without me interfering

apperciate your interpation....
this thing kind of painted itself, I barely remember a brush in my hand, and its a new painting
thanks again

you guys rock!!