Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a sharp solid wail

inside the orb;
he’s framed all right but
a flat tire anyway
Frulle's sharp solid wails
while waxing a disc
the studio is murky and
contrasts mature on the exterior lawn

there are only the automatic voices
of elevators this late
chatting plexiglas doors responding
to microchips slow-moving
runways behind cobalt hurdles

(PO Johnson and Ande)

Note: Ande and I have had quite some collaboration over the net and we managed to do a joint ebook (free). He did most of the editing and selected the photos. Great job. There are some huge collaboration software tools nowadays! :)

Me and Ande also talked about if this could be something for Flowers of Sulfur, creating an ebook of poems and artwork. It is free to do this on lulu.
To top it all, we also wrote a joint poem (above).


Francis Scudellari said...

I think an FoS e-book is a good idea. It could even be a series of books released periodically, such as: "Best of FoS, Spring 2010"

Megan Duffy said...

This is brilliant. And FOS ebook sounds wonderful. I like your series idea, Francis.

Jenny said...

Definitely a brilliant idea! To do a series sounds great. Lulu is the best place for this, I think. If those of us interested in this project work together it will not be very time-consuming either.

Unknown said...

hoping you'll release my 7th collection!
Jokes apart. great work!

Amanda said...

I use lulu too. It's a great site. I'm reading your ezine now!!

The Scrybe said...

Mysterious! And I like the idea of an e-book too :)

Thomas Sheridan said...

Bring it on.