Thursday, April 29, 2010

rain is a painter...


rain is a painter
--------------------- with a brush
---------------------------------------- as big as the sky

and a pail of paint
------------------------- as deep as our hearts

she wets
------------- the dry soul of
---------------------------------- our disbeliefs

and paints
--------------- the black streets
------------------------------------- with
-------------------------------------------- dot
-------------------------------------------- dot
-------------------------------------------- dot
-------------------------------------------------- of green-orange-yellow leaves

she prints
-------------- the lonely sidewalks
----------------------------------------- with the hands of
----------------------------------------------------------------- sycamores

-- ----- lively
----- ------ ---- unfamiliar
------------------ ------- ---- fingertips
------------------------ ---------- ---- ---- are
------------------- -------------- -------------- - -- galore

she leaves
----------------some rainbow streaks
---------------------------------------------on the face of the walls

and renders
------------------ a fresh aura
------------------------------------- to the hackneyed
-------------------------------------------------------------- forms of the cars

she covers
--------------- soulless
--------------------------- moving
--------------------------------------- beings
------------------------------------------------- with agitated strokes of a dove

and paints
------------- our empty eyes
--------------------------------- with
----------------------------------------- the immortal
---------------------------------------------------------- color
------------------------------------------------------------------- of
------------------------------------------------------------------------ love...



human being said...

these days we have lots of rain in Tehran... i was reminded of this old work on my blog... decided to share it with you dear friends in FoS...

link to the original post:

love and peace to you all

Jenny said...

Thanks for this delightful poem, hb. I adjusted the width of the post section recently. Now there is enough room for visual poetry and artwork. Something I should have done earlier. I am not that technical. :)

SinclairScripa/TaraVerheide said...

raining in tehran eh? this poem is simple and lovely and i will share it w/ my chilren because it is tender and loving too.

Anonymous said...

I love the feeling and how you ”paint” with this. Thank you.

bearskin rug said...

great composition :)

Rachel said...

...ein großes Lob für dieses wundervolle Gedicht...

herzlich, Rachel

Anonymous said...

beautiful in thought and composition:)

Francis Scudellari said...

You paint images as lovely as the rain. Her brush strokes can be very comforting, as is this.

Thomas Sheridan said...

cascading verse. wonderful approach.

jbkrost said...

as a painter....
I apperciate every stroke.

Ande said...

I read this like a colorful painting, and I really appreciated it.

human being said...

* Jenny... really appreciate the way you manage this blog... you are so concerned... and careful about the details... add to this your fabulous artistic soul... that's the reason why all of us feel at home here... thanks!

* BoneFarm... yes it's a beautiful spring here in Tehran... but so sad... though your comment made me happy... think it's the best compliment for one who writes to be read for children... thanks my new friend...

* PO... so happy you accepted it as a painting...

* NIKKI... thanks a lot my dear friend...

* Rachel... danke! your comment made my heart beat a bit faster...

* rahina... thank you very much my new friend...

* Francis... comforting! yes that's what i had in mind and heart while writing this... happy i could communicate it... thanks a lot!

* Thomas... thanks a lot for the nice words dear new friend...

* jbkrost... these words from a painter mean a lot to me... thanks!

Ande... thanks a lot... your comment gave me a deep satisfaction... so i could paint!

love and peace to you all

Cynthia said...

She covers soulless moving beings
with ...doves.. all love this poem,
the form of it echoes the slant
of rain. The words drops of melancholy on my soul.

Jenny, please stop by and comment
on my dialogue with the poet,
Nevine. Thank you.

human being said...

* Cynthia...
feels so good to see we can communicate our feelings through words...
thanks for nice words...

and re: the second part of your comment, can we come to read your dialog, too?

Anonymous said...

Your words are so beautiful. Whole worlds form into droplets and cleanse all that they fall upon. Wonderfully visual steps of words to the soul and heart of our being.

I added a link on my blog to your site, "thus spake the crow." - CF

human being said...

* Charles...
your comment was rain too... refreshing my soul... what you wrote was exactly what i felt while i was walking under the rain... when these words came to me...
now i'm so happy i could convey that emotion to others...

thanks a lot my dear new friend!
crow is also following you to find the hidden sparklies of the mind in your profound art...