Thursday, June 10, 2010

the shortest distance

mysterious mounds tingle to
an affectionate touch
(extra long fingers)

dead-end double d expressway
to my devotional moat
(lemon flavored lube)

hesitant sentences
best said with scent
(incense cult)

the fluid spirit rushes to
the stickiest end
(pinecone love)

i tend to interpret the nuances
of others without words
(just give up)

is it a mirage?
a leisurely anarchy?


Francis Scudellari said...

Now that's what I'd call a sensual poem.

Jenny said...

"dead-end double d expressway
to my devotional moat"


Ande said...

This one has so much attitude, altitude, arrangement; essentially: raw force.

human being said...

what you have done with the visual form... different sizes of font and parentheses... is fabulous!

perhpas it's what is called art!

Peter Greene said...

Whoof! I all red in the ears. This poem is gorgeous. I really like it. I also really, really like 'hesitant sentences/best said with scent', a lot. I drop a link to one of my own which relates (but is not nearly so daring or sense-intensive at all, i intellectualize sex in a ridiculous manner in fact): here is other poem with pinecones and sex

Thank you for this stunning read. It rules. You should get paid for this by a fancy publication.


bearskin rug said...

francis ~ you got that right!

jenny ~ :)

ande ~ thank-you for "raw force" that makes it sound even better

human being ~ i love to mix up the type font and size...perhaps it is art...

old 333 ~ the poem is very flattered that you called it "gorgeous"
~ i read your poem and it was great, thanks for including the link

human being said...

hey NIKKI... that last sentence i wrote was an answer to the question asked in the poem... always think love is an art:


and found your attitude here so artistic...

sorry if there was some ambiguity...


Thomas Sheridan said...

So much elemental energy to this one. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Great words and images Nikki, I love your multitalented world of art and writing!

bearskin rug said...

human being ~ i just arrange words like i compose a piece of artwork, i usually just piece together what sounds/looks good, there is hardly ever any point or meaning to my stuff because i want the reader/viewer to make it their own, have their own thoughts and feelings...
~ i like how you respond to art!

thomas ~ thanks!

charles ~ as always...thanks for the words of encouragement:)

bearskin rug said...

"they say love is not a matter of head it's a matter of heart
but i found it to be a matter of art" ~ human being

these words of yours are so lovely and insightful!!!!