Sunday, April 25, 2010

poem in a notebook found under a seat in a trailways bus, january 4, 1974

i'm special
i'm not like other people

i'm different
i can feel it

they walk around waiting to die
but they don't know it

they say they do
but they don't really

if they did
why would they care about nixon

or agnew or mick jagger
or sonny and cher

or hitler or napoleon
or jefferson davis

as for me
i've always known
i am going to live forever

because life is an illusion
and nothing really happens

except in the eternal brain
and i am the eternal brain

that's right - me

i used to go to the library
and read all the books
when i didn't have money for the movies

one day i was sitting at a table in the library
reading the doctor by robert southey
because it was the biggest ugliest book with the smallest print in the whole library

it was raining outside
it wouldn't stop

i was in the mood for a little panhandling
but somehow

i couldn't get up
i just sat there

i needed the money
it was time

rain didn't bother me
wind either

so why didn't i get up?
suddenly a great light flashed (it's always a great light, isn't it?)

nobody else saw it
because they were just people
just folks

but i was the eternal brain

i had another book on the table
my favorite astrology book, astrology and you by sydney omarr

and in the sudden flash of light
i realized i wasn't really a leo

i was the whole zodiac
i was the universe

everything happens in my brain
where else would it happen?

joshua and the battle of jericho
christopher columbus and robert e lee

davy crockett and the alamo
and wilbur and orville wright and al capone

they all never happened
except in my brain - the universal brain

i'll get up
and go back out in the rain

i'll keep on walking
and everybody else will die off

one by one
and then whole cities

i'll walk though the old and new deserts
until there is nobody left but me

and i won't have my hand out
i'll have it raised to the sky

it's always a great light, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

An amazing piece of poetry. I enjoyed the flow of words and the creation of amazing images in the readers mind.

Ralph said...

Capturd my thinking from beginging to end thank you

Jenny said...

timmy, nice that your post are allowed more space now with the new template. Splendid piece this. For me it felt like a beat poem.

Noxalio said...

yes, as Jenny says
it certainly feels like
a beat poem to me.

thanks timmy,
for posing it.

timmy said...

purple and ralph,
thank you very much, it's always especially great to
hear from new people

jenny and noxalio,
your comments are most gratifying as being a
"beat poet" was the sincerest desire of my
young self

Francis Scudellari said...

I love the concept of the eternal brain, and I believe the narrator's every word. A very nice write.

jbkrost said...

you never know the genious that you pass on the street.....
thought provoking

D2 said...

Beautiful poem; very engaging.
Loved the idea of the eternal brain and 'being' the universe.

human being said...

i never get tired of reading and re-reading your works... each new reading feels so fresh... as you find... experience... something new...

i read this one line by line again... remembering once i lost a notebook when i was on a bus...


everything is mind... eh?
this holographic cosmos...

"and i won't have my hand out
i'll have it raised to the sky"

this really cuts deeeeeeeep!

it's always a great light, timmy... a really great light...

Anonymous said...

Oh, all the time I spend thinking I was the only ”real” person in the universe. I guess I was quite the nerd, always with a book in my hand. I think I would have been happier if I listened more to jimi instead. Your poem recalled my young days.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great art illustration with the such an amazing journey of words!