Friday, March 26, 2010


Gazing through thirteen;
greeted by an unsettling blend of darkness and light

Eclipsed by shadows,
hidden faces flanking Shallow Window’s lantern-lit resident

Scribbling Scrybe;
through tides and streams of consciousness

As fingers work a mile a minute,
at dawn I find my *//cuts

Fictional crude bandages
Mirrors and portholes and doors
Here where dark matter collapses
Hollow murmurs and misty shades of Blue

Sitting at the panes;
they still don’t let me sleep

Gazing through thirteen;
greeted by an unsettling blend of darkness and light

At dawn


human being said...


in me
a scrybe
in a room with a thousand and one walls
all covered with doors and windows and mirrors

in me
a scrybe
with hands always running along the murmuring streams

in me
a scrybe
who can paint in both black and white
darkness and light

in me
a scrybe
who can watch both me and the stars
in day and at night
at the same time

in me
a scrybe
who is waiting patiently
for dawn


you are so in touch with that collective unconscious that whatever you write strikes a resonating chord in our souls...

just write... just write... dear friend, Scrybe... live and give us the chance to live through your words...

(the link, as i wrote there for you, was also sublime...)


Jenny said...

Scribbling Scrybe, lucky to have you here at FoS. :) This is beautifully enigmatic. To me, lightness and darkness are equally fascinating.

And human being's poem comment above is spot on, as always.

Ande said...

Interesting and elegant, polished with calm skill. A fine poem.

Anonymous said...

I came to think about shadows and the fog.

Francis Scudellari said...

Very soulful indeed. You render the dawn tangible, with its in-betweenness.

Claudette Cohen said...

I'm taken by the idea of "gazing through thirteen." I'll be thinking about that all day.

The Scrybe said...

@ human being: Thanks for the wonderful piece of poetry, and the confidence; I’m truly touched. It makes me happy that you enjoy what I write.

@ Jenny: It’s a pleasure to be part of this team, fantastic words everywhere :)

@ Ande: Many thanks for the comment, I’m glad you think so.

@ PO Johnson: Sometimes it feels as though I’m clawing around in a dark room, searching for something, only I’m not sure what. Occasionally something of interest jumps out of the darkness, and loses its intangibility to grip me. Thanks for the comment :)

@ Francis: :) Watching the sunrise is one of my favourite things to do.

@ Claude Limoges: Things in thirteen are beginning to get a little clearer, and it’s a pleasure to have gripped your thoughts :)