Monday, March 22, 2010

red night recrap

the banana republic is
far left or far right
now the train is coming

premature ejaculation
the Jacobin has a pearl necklace
and the fascist majority government
is a FOL

fist fight
Google translation
all this is unimportant
what matters is kegel exercises
contraceptives and Caucasus

the dental dam is broke
deflowered by friendliness
No drag queen will help us out this time
Danza slaps her face and

when she says "yes, I do love this"
all we've got is reduced
red night
edge play


Hannah Miet said...


I am flabbergasted

by your awesomeness.

Jenny said...

Yes, this is so sharp in its merciless social critique. Awesome!

Megan Duffy said...

"The Dental dam is broke
deflowered by friendliness."

Great work.

Anonymous said...

Hannah – thank you! I’m grateful.

Jenny – yes; what else can it be?

Megan – thank you.

Anonymous said...

I’m not saying this just because you are my friend, PO. You write fantastic edgy poems. It’s a side of you I didn’t know.

You are good. :)

Francis Scudellari said...

I enjoyed this one quite a lot PO.

human being said...

the summary of the long history of an 'unsatisfied' and painful collective intercourse...

so expressive!

Anonymous said...

Tom - You old geezer. :)

Francis - Thank you.

human being - Let's swing to the moon, let's fly to the top, as people say.
thank you. I love your comments and your poems.

The Scrybe said...

Oh yes, very nice!

human being said...

thank YOU, PO...

Claudette Cohen said...

Incisive, stark humor. A sort of Freudian postmodernism. Very intriguing.

Anonymous said...

scrybe - thank you!

hb - I'm the one who should be thankful.

claude - that was a very interesting observation.