Wednesday, March 31, 2010

odd balls

I like the odd balls.
The one in the group of black trench coats staring at the clouds.
The window with the beaded curtains.
The pink houses.
The neon tights.

I smile at the portico capped with rusted iron angles.
The bimbo who wipes the gelato from nonno's chin.
Cherry blossoms at the bus stop.
Crazy curly frizzy hair.
Enormous orange hats.

Just when I'm feeling that I am the odd one out,
I look up and notice someone or something distinctly different,
The wonderful quirks that we humans bring to light,
That set things off,
But make it quite right.


human being said...

wonderful images...
love them all!

if they were not odd, we didn't notice them... perhaps...

the sad part is about humans... odd most of the time is considered out!

impressive work...

Wine and Words said...

Asymmetry draws me. Since Sesame Street yeah? "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things does not belong." Oh yes it does, Big Bird! Oh has it's own damn place, not the same trampled residence of multitudes, but a place of invitation only to the see'ers.

Jenny said...

The reference to Sesame Street above feels spot on. I am a big Muppet fan. Fine poem!

Ande said...

Sesame Street is my favorite tv show too. It's sad that so many people needs to be odd balls in disguise.

Anonymous said...

I like this poem. As a musician I have met many odd balls.

Francis Scudellari said...

I'm guessing that most of us here are oddball fans. It seems to go with the territory. I love the examples you show here.