Saturday, March 20, 2010

The poet-fool writes of love

The poet-fool is Someone's, who
tweezers out the slack from lock-stitch seams.

But her smile undoes this mischief well-mended,
and his motley britches fall

not once, but again and again.

The poet-fool is Someone's, who
pliers back the bend in hallowed rods.

But her wink unhinges this resolve re-steeled,
and his jester's scepter snaps

not once, but again and again.

The poet-fool is Someone's, who
teeters up the stones of toppled towers.

But her touch unglues this hubris troweled high,
and his bell-on-felt crown flops

not once, but again and again.

Sweet Someone coos, I want none of this,
and yet the poet-fool knows he does.


Jenny said...

The ego, a peculiar thing, innit? I think it is a western construction and not something constant.

I like the arch smile reflected between these lines. Nothing wrong with being a fool. At least, I hope it isn't as I often feel like one! :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the poet. Elusive and hidden romanticism behind layers of even the most edgy poet. Hmm, Jenny I have been in many places and Swedes are the least egoistic people in the world. No wonder equality is highly ranked. People would never dare to be egoistic in Sweden. I love Sweden for this, but the country can also be annoying.

I agree with you, the ego is just an invention. Which brain cell holds the ego?

Marisol Cragg de Mark said...

Para escribir sobre el amor hay que estar un poco loco y tener alma de poeta.
Muchos saludos berlineses.

human being said...

this is very important to know what we really want...
so the poet-fool is so wise... the last line in a way defies the image shaped while reading the previous lines...

liked this work very much...

Francis Scudellari said...

@Jenny Ego is definitely more pronounced in Western cultures, and I think it's exalted here in the US. I think that self-awareness is the key. As long as we recognize when we're foolish, it can lead to a kind of wisdom.

@PO It's very hard to completely rid ourselves of that romanticism. It gets ingrained at an early age.

@Marisol I am definitely un poco loco ;). Saludos!

@Human_Being Thank you. It's in the contradictions we can find hope.

Anonymous said...

Who is the poet? A fool? Yes probably. You taught me about who the poet is.

Francis Scudellari said...

I think we're all fools in some way, but the poet makes his foolishness sound nice :). Thanks for reading.

Claudette Cohen said...

Brilliant iambic tetrameter. A very satisfying Dickinsonian poem full of flirts with truth.