Sunday, November 22, 2009


let no man stand aside
who has not taken his place in line
and waited for the 23673rd bird to sing
after the 23672nd

but raindrops and grains of dust
are not so appropriate
as the seat covers
of a 1938 packard

driven by the lady in red
across the canadian border
all the way from laredo
for a perfect indiana day

in the park with a white hat
snatched by a bluebird
flying to alaska
but landing on easter island


Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to deal with work, but I keep visiting this page all the time.

Amazing ride you presented here with your "1938". Thanks.

gerry boyd said...

here be truth, curled at your feet like a familiar pup, licking at the fissures.
bedtime never seemed so appealing, bravo in triplicates!