Monday, November 16, 2009

the brain unfolds like mobius

i. the fever cops a heavy dream

denseness is birthed with a twisted cord,
a procession of blue pines that chants weight
and perversely collapses into seedling rust-
finial density that kills conviction
and smugly fevers the physics of crush,

a vernal notice that pushes breath
and pulse to the purple of freeze-
nothing compressed completely
can last devoid of gravitas
or a gloss of verbal trust:

it's not the sweat that matters in the humid night,
just flanneled pajamas with pockets that cling.

ii. the sweet irony of singular redemption

generally mounded into cairns at poles,
out of the icy north we twist,
in the hoary south we spurt:

we bark, we crow, we cluck, we bay-
renewal is beckoned but suspect now
in the spreading of our malty grain.

the ruler embossed with gold ticks is useless,
and censers only panic the sweaty scream,
mystery flayed away from normalcy
as the second grace is offered thirst:

around again the carnage first
and the weight and birth of pain.


Jenny said...

I looked up "mobius" and the poem's reference to that term is really interesting. A kind of warped circle of renewal/eternity. First I misread the word as "morbius", which would have presented a slightly different reading. Good poem indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gary - Really good poems make the mind test its limits and raises certain neuron cells from the road to death. Your poems take time to take in, and you reward the reader (and the neuron cells).

Akeith Walters said...

As usual, Gary, really enjoyable to read.

Ande said...

A poem to read and re-read.
Very good. Again.

Strange, how the poems are getting better and better on this joint blog-project.

gerry boyd said...

yes, site good and getting better. it's so nice to love ourselves, no? if we keep raising the bar, who knows. we maybe become famous by Tuesday. the worst scenario, not all that bad, is that we simply amuse ourselves. that is, and will continue to be, enough for me. thanks to all the talented contributors that warmly humble me everyday. and inspire me to push it a little further in ways that are hard to articulate.

Francis Scudellari said...

Work like this definitely encourages me to push more limits :).