Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the unexplainable man: toward midnight

ride the bus
see a million stories
forget them all

mocking eyes
sneering lips
terrifying teeth

you don't like it
why you take so long?

they punch each other
they kick each other
they laugh at each other

lincoln towncar
dark and silent
surrounded by mcdonalds doggie bags

two hundred people
pass the bag lady
walking one block

behind dark glasses
checking out the women
dreamer or killer?

shine of bottles
behind a bar
like no other light

clutching hand
from a blanket
in a doorway

better than words
now only words

death is real
it is chasing me
through the streets


Ande said...

I could see winter in this poem. You capture the rawness of the surgery theatre we name city.

Anonymous said...

Piercing urban imagery. Great writing!